OMA Governance Documents

OMA’s activities are governed by its Constitution and By-Laws. These may be amended at its Annual General Meeting which are held in conjunction with each biennial Oceania Masters Athletics Championships, and in non-Championships years are generally held in convenient location.

Administration is the responsibility of the Council elected at each AGM held in conjunction with the OMA Championships. The Council is bound to act in terms of decisions made at each AGM and to abide by the Constitution and By Laws. Decisions made by the AGM and by Council are recorded in the minutes of the meetings.

The Constitution and By-Laws were extensively amended at the Assembly meeting in Tahiti in 2010. Several amendments have been made since 2010 and review will continue

In carrying out its responsibilities, Council obviously makes decisions on matters not covered by the Constitution and By Laws.

Policy Statements can be accessed via the links below

Constitution, ByLaws and Policy Statements