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OMA Championship Records
PLEASE NOTE: OMA Records are OMA Championship Records - i.e. they are the records set in each championship event at the Championships - they are not records of the best perfomances of masters athletes in the Oceania Region.

Records can be set only at OMA Championships which are held every two years.

The attached updated records take into account results from Rarotonga 2015. click here.

New records set at Rarotonga are in red, the others are in black, recent corrections/additions are in green.

The multi-events, where the individual event performances were available, have been recalculated using 2014 factors.

Please advise George White (click here) if you have queries regarding any record.

OMA rules provide that records are for the best performances in winning the gold medal for the particular event at an OMA Championships. Consequently a run, jump or throw, performance cannot be claimed as individual OMA Championship Record in a multi-event - only a point score record can be set in a multi-event.  However; individual perfomances in a multi-event may be eligible for a national or state record.

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