Bidding Requirements for OMA Regional Championships

The OMA Council aims to have the venues for the next two Oceania Regional Championships confirmed at any time. Not only is this desirable for administration and organisation, but it also means that at any Oceania Championship event the organisers of the next Championships are able to positively and forcefully promote their event.

Championship requirements have matured to the stage where formal bids are required from Affiliates, Associates or their member associations which propose to stage the Championships. Bids may be made at any time, but it is desirable that they are received as early as possible to allow the maximum time for consideration. Time is required for adequate opportunity to discuss and clarify issues before Council consideration.

Bidders need to recognise that:

  1. A formal contract will be required between the organisers and OMA to protect the interests of both parties, their associated bodies and the competing athletes.
  2. Financial responsibility for Oceania Championships rests with the bidding organisation and OMA cannot be expected to subsidise or support the committee or the Championships financially. Council will require that proper financial organisation and control is assured, including the payment of Championship levies to OMA.
  3. Oceania Championships are awarded on a rotational basis – a New Zealand location, followed by an Australia location then an Island Affiliate or Associate.

Bids should include the following:

  • The name of the organisation submitting the bid;
  • If the organisation it is not a direct affiliate of OMA, a letter of support from the OMA Affiliate or Associate where the Championships are to be held;
  • Letters of support from national, regional or local government as appropriate;
  • Letters of support from local and/or national athletic organisations and administrators;
  • The proposed location;
  • Proposed dates;
  • Climate considerations;
  • Details of venues, facilities, etc., and confirmation of their availability for the event;
  • Details of the availability of qualified officials, and proposals for covering any difficulties in this area;
  • Confirmation that facilities and equipment will be available for all events in the official programme of events, or details of any problem areas;
  • Accommodation availability, options and price indications;
  • Tourism options and opportunities for visitors;
  • Local transport options and potential problem areas;
  • An outline of the committee and organisational structure proposed, and its relationship to the Affiliate or Associate. The names of the principal officers should be included;
  • Clear indication of the financial structure proposed, and responsibility for the financial control of the event;
  • If possible, a proposed budget for the event;
  • Evidence that the bidder has adequate insurance cover.